Great teams start with Belbin! Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams. It helps people to identify and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.

"I think we've always been striving to find a way of helping people to work together. When people work in effective combinations they achieve so much more than when they're working alone. But to do that, we need a language, and it needs to be a language which is shared and enables people to communicate with one another."  Dr Meredith Belbin

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February 2022 - latest articles and news

Does your team speak 'Belbin'?

How do we use Team Roles to help define and delegate tasks and responsibilities? Here is our guide to describing work in Belbin Team Role terms.

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Belbin Individual reports

Discover your Belbin Team Role strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to use them in the workplace.

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Belbin Team Roles Communication Styles

If we know communication is important, how do we go about analysing, diagnosing and improving how we interact with others? And how do we ensure that team members share this learning and use it too.

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